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Swiss and Belgian nationality

Lives in Leysin (VD)

Works in Sion (VS)



2019 _  Creation of the EDCB architecture Sàrl office, Sion

2018  _  Associate at Atelier Charvoz, Sion

2016-2017 _ Associate at Itten + Brechbühl SA, Lausanne

2014-2015 _ Collaborator at Nomad Architectes Vaud Sàrl, Vevey

2012-2013 _ Associate at Delaloye Architectes SA, Martigny

2002-2006 _ Wood engineer, Puurs (BE)



2008  - 2011 _  Bachelor of Arts in Architecture,

HES-SO Friborg

1999 - 2002 _ Bachelor in wood engineering,

Ghent University of Applied Sciences (BE)


Architecture is of paramount importance and a direct interaction with the people who live there. It is a precious place because it is the mirror of the soul of the inhabitants.

Environment and materials interact with the ecosystem and the place of residence. My first wish is to bring there an atmosphere where life is good. A resourceful and regenerating place.

Through my knowledge and my professional background, I wish to contribute and participate in the realization of clients' dreams. Realize it by giving shape to ideas , by professional advice in order to accompany them in this wonderful experience that is construction.

My main motto: To be in harmony with the tastes, needs and expectations of the customer.



  • A collaboration based on respect and trust is the key to optimal success.

  • To be modeled on the wishes of the Owner and to optimize it.

  • Respect the available budget through good monitoring of cost management.

  • Provide the customer with innovative techniques and knowledge.

  • Work in a group in order to be complementary and competent in each profession.

  • Precise and meticulous site monitoring


Above all...


  • Make the customer's dream come true.



Passionate about the shapes of nature, I like to bring a communion between spaces, natural light, colors and its environment.

Sustainable development has an essential place in my personal choices and is made available to those who wish to go in this direction.

Various studies and processes offer the possibility of optimizing construction, on the quality of air and healthy materials . Geobiology is also an excellent means for the choice of the place by a study taking into account underground water currents, Hartmann lines, electric waves, magnetic waves, geological faults, etc. An open-mindedness is also presented by approaches of various cultures for the harmonization of places (eg feng-shui).


Since I was young, there has been a deep interest in wood and construction. My first orientation was the job of  carpenter and carpenter. Then the need to develop my knowledge arose in order to enlarge my field of action. This led me to the certification and the diploma of wood engineer , followed by several years of experience in this field.

The construction of our own home gave me a critical eye and developed in me the desire to go even further in the creation of a place of life and guided me in the direction to take for my professional accomplishment. Becoming an architect was the essential key, in order to be able to create and implement all my knowledge. These three very complementary training courses bring a very nice synergy in the field of construction, my professional development as well as that of my clients.

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